Broken Bottle

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Broken Bottle
Developer Darren Grey
Theme Post-Apocalyptic
Influences Fallout
Released 11th Mar 2011
Updated 1st June 2011 (v1.2)
Licensing GPL, Open source
P. Language Lua, T-Engine
Platforms Windows Linux OSX
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length < 1 hour
Official site of Broken Bottle

Broken Bottle is a coffeebreak roguelike


Broken Bottle is set in a post-apocalyptic world, following an alcoholic with a murky past as he tries to ascend to the surface. The game has a grim and dark theme, with story elements revealed through game progression, and through hallucinations or dreams induced by alcoholic abuse or withdrawal. Alcohol is a core element of the game - living without it is difficult, as it highly replenishes stamina which is used up in melee (fighting on very low stamina will make you miss most of the time). There are also withdrawal effects if you go without for a long time. On the other hand abusing alcohol too much can be bad for you, and can even send you into an immobile state.

The windows standalone link:

Those on OSX or Linux will have to download beta 27 of the T-Engine and put my module folder into the /game/modules/ directory. You can get the engine and the module folder on the following links:

Newest edition includes a number of bugfixes and tweaks over the 7DRL version.