Smallest Quest

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Smallest Quest
Stable game
Developer Chris McCormick
Theme D&Dish Fantasy
Influences Rogue
Released 2021-09-01 (1.0.0)
Updated 2020-09-01 (1.0.0)
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language Javascript
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac_OS
Interface Sprites, Mouse&Keyboard, Gamepad
Game Length 15 minutes
Official site of Smallest Quest

Smallest Quest is a coffeebreak roguelike



Smallest Quest is a simple hand drawn roguelike that is kid friendly.

It crams all the turn-based strategy of a traditional roguelike into a juicy 5-level nugget of gameplay.

* Authentic roguelike turn-based gameplay.
* Food clock, permadeath, procedurally generatad.
* Hand drawn artisanal sprites and backgrounds.
* Procedurally generated quests.
* 5 levels of gameplay.
* Overworld & underworld tileset.
* 2 characters to choose from.
* 8 monsters of varying difficulty.
* 9 rare collectible items.
* Weapons, armour, food, and magic items.
* Classical chip tune sound track & sfx.
* Juicy visual effects. 

I designed this game to be accessible for kids and RL newbies. I hope it can stand as a nice friendly introduction to the deep roguelike genre.

Get it for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS:


The Great Wizard is punishing you for your misdeeds.

The wise one says you must complete five quests. Five good deeds in strange lands.

Once you have done this you will be redeemed.