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Developer Heroic Fisticuffs
Theme Pirates
Influences Nethack, Brogue
Released Mar 7, 2010 (v0.0)
Updated Mar 7, 2010 (v0.0)
Licensing Artist License 2.0
P. Language Python 2.6, Pygame
Platforms Windows, Linux, etc.
Interface Keyboard, Ascii
Game Length
Official site of AarrrRL

A roguelike game in the Nethack tradition based on pirates & pirate-related fiction.

  • Was part of the 2010 7DRL challenge.
  • Author announced this to be part of the 2010 ARRP lineup.
  • Is in active (if slow) development, with updates posted periodically on the official site.


Thankfully dead. But the spirit lives on in my JavaScript project, GRogue.