Heroic Fisticuffs

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Todd Page
Alias Heroic Fisticuffs
Games GnomeSquad, RoboCaptain, DungeonDual
Nationality American
P. Languages Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript
Official site of Todd Page


Heroic Fisticuffs! - http://blog.heroicfisticuffs.com

7 Day Roguelikes

2010: AarrrRL (really bad)

2011: GnomeSquad (better)

2012: RoboCaptain (good)

2013: Failure!

2014: DungeonDual (good experiment)

2015: HeavyAxe (pretty good?)

2016: Failure!

2017: Hardpointe Failure! (for now)


Medal_7DRL_2010_s.png Medal_7DRL_2011_s.png Medal_7DRL_2012_s.png