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RoboCaptain: Doomsday
Developer Heroic Fisticuffs
Theme Robo-Apocalypse
Influences Nethack, Brogue
Released Mar 17, 2012 (v0.1)
Updated Mar 17, 2012 (v0.2)
Licensing Artist License 2.0
P. Language JavaScript, HTML5
Platforms Any HTML5-compliant Browser
Interface Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length
Official site of RoboCaptain: Doomsday

RoboCaptain: Doomsday is a shooting-based roguelike with a powerful systems-management sub-game (Power/Shields/Lasers) similar to the old LucasArts X-Wing/TIE Fighter games.

You play as a "RoboCaptain", a sentient robot sent deep into the last human stronghold to retrieve a stolen AI Core.

The game was created in JavaScript and is playable in any modern (HTML5-compatible) browser:


We'll see!