Anoxic Depths

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Anoxic Depths
Developer Tectorum
Theme Wilderness Survival, Underwater, SCUBA
Influences Kunoichi, EmoSquid
Released Mar 15, 2015
Updated Mar 15, 2015
Licensing Closed source
P. Language C#
Platforms OS X, Windows
Interface Mouse, Keyboard
Game Length short-medium
Official site of Anoxic Depths

Anoxic Depths is a coffeebreak roguelike

See also the expanded version.

For years, the Yendori people were a legend. Explorers have recently found a cave in the purported Yendori borders whose bottom is filled with water: Already divers are bringing back relics that scientists have dated to when the Yendori may have lived. You've just arrived at the impromptu dive lodge assembled near the cave waters. Will you make your riches from the cave? Or will you join the Yendori people in the Anoxic Depths?

Made for the 2015 7DRL and featuring planar 3D movement and kanji for display.

The starting out video showcases basic gameplay and suggested initial purchases.


Note that all rotations and ascension/descension are relative to the player's current orientation.

  • Hold F1: View game kanji
  • Hold F2: View game controls
  • W: Swim forward
  • Shift + W: Pitch down
  • S: Swim backward
  • Shift + S: Pitch up
  • A: Head left
  • Shift + A: Roll left
  • D: Head right
  • Shift + D: Roll right
  • R: Ascend
  • F: Descend
  • Q: Check left gauges
  • E: Check right gauges
  • Tab: Anchor line
  • Shift + Tab: Cut line (knife required)
  • Space: Take relic
  • Backspace: Take relic
  • Shift + Space: Search for line
  • Shift + Backspace: Search for line
  • G: Next light (light required)
  • Shift + G: Previous light (light required)
  • T: Next tank (tank required)
  • Shift + T: Previous tank (tank required)
  • 1: Toggle holding breath
  • X: Wait


Version 1.0

OS X Windows (untested Linux)

  • Fixed the relic count displayed in town.
  • Fixed the initial line orientation.
  • Fixed a problem with selling equipped items.

Version 7DRL