Anoxic Depths: Caves of the Yendori

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Anoxic Depths: Caves of the Yendori
Stable game
Developer Studio Tectorum (Tectorum)
Theme Underwater, SCUBA
Influences Anoxic Depths
Released Jun 3, 2015 (1.0)
Updated Aug 16, 2015 (1.02)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language C#
Platforms Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
Interface Graphical tiles, Mouse, Keyboard, PS3 Controller
Game Length short-medium
Official site of Anoxic Depths: Caves of the Yendori

See also the 7DRL version.

For years, the Yendori people were a legend. Explorers have recently found a cave in the purported Yendori borders whose bottom is filled with water: Already divers are bringing back relics that scientists have dated to when the Yendori may have lived. You've just arrived at the impromptu dive lodge assembled near the cave waters. Will you make your riches from the cave? Or will you join the Yendori people in the Anoxic Depths?

An reimplementation of the 2015 7DRL version that improves upon the original design with features including a tile-based town, better dive line handling, a better gas simulation, and more streamlined play overall. In addition to the original's kanji-based tiles, this version also includes Oryx tiles, ASCII, and Korean Hangul.





Change Log

Version 1.02

  • Fixed a dive-line rendering bug.

Version 1.01

  • Upgrading from demo version no longer requires starting a new game.

Version 1.0

  • Initial release