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Developer AquaTsar17
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rune Factory, Hoplite
Released 15th March 2015
Updated 20th March 2015
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length 2 to 4 hours
Official site of HarvestRL

HarvestRL is a coffeebreak roguelike

A 7DRL about growing food and fighting monsters.


In HarvestRL you play as an adventurer tasked with saving a village. You need to gather and grow food to keep the villagers fed, find the sacred fruit to cure them of their possession, and then hunt down the source of the evil and defeat it. Plow fertile ground, plant seeds, and then water the seeds each day for them to grow into plants. Your adventurer also needs to eat to stay alive, and needs to rest for several hours each day.

Combat uses a limited Hit Point system without randomness (i.e., hits are automatic and damage is always dealt). Hence, you need to get the killing blow in first, often before enemies have a chance to hit you, or wear some armor to keep their damage down.

This game was made using libtcod for the 7DRL_Challenge_2015.

A Windows version available here: http://gamesbyaqua.blogspot.ca/p/harvestrl.html

The latest version (v1.01) fixed a number of game-breaking bugs and increased the difficulty slightly (reduced food-spawning rates).