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Developer Patrick Lipo
Theme Fantasy, Boss Fight
Influences Hunt the Wumpus, Sinistar
Released 15th March 2015
Updated 15th March 2015
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language C Sharp, Unity
Platforms Windows OSX
Interface Graphical, Keyboard, Sound and Music
Game Length 15 minutes
Official site of Huge

Huge is a coffeebreak roguelike


Huge is a fairly traditional 2D roguelike that traps the player in caverns with a monstrous creature that wanders in search of him. You can hear him as he gets closer, so be aware that he’s out there if you’re ready or not. Defeat creatures to raise your attack and defense, and collect crystals to craft into bombs, which are your only means of defeating the big guy.

Web Player-based build (usable on Windows and Mac in most browsers) is available HERE.

Make sure you play with sound on! It was important to me to build a feeling of dread as you approached the boss, and that fighting him was pure devastation.

This game was made for the 7DRL_Challenge_2015. Created in Unity 4.6 with Master Audio and Oryx sprites. Audio by Televided and Freesound.