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Developer aave
Theme Space, Exploration
Influences Noctis, Dwarf Fortress, Infinity: A Quest for Earth, Doryen
Released Feb 08, 2010
Updated Mar 18, 2012
Licensing freeware
P. Language JavaScript, HTML5 (old: FreeBASIC)
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Unicode (via HTML5 Canvas or DOM)
Game Length indefinite
Official site of Infiniverse

Infiniverse is a space-themed roguelike-like in development since 2008. Originally a semi-massively multiplayer exploration and trading game project, it got rewritten and redefined in 2012 as a 7 Day Roguelike. While the first incarnation wasn't a roguelike in the strictest sense, it featured common elements of the genre, like procedural content generation and ASCII graphics. The 7DRL version is more traditional, e.g. as being turn-based.


The goal of the project is to create a huge, yet interesting and varying universe for the players to explore. This is achieved through heavy use of procedural generation techniques such as Perlin noise. Some articles written by the developer are available on the subject. Original and future aim is a multiplayer game, but a single player version will also be available (is already).

Engine Features

  • The universe contains millions of stars that can be persistent
  • Each solar system is visitable, with accessible planets
  • Most things are generated dynamically on-the-fly, with zero loading time
  • Multiple "zoom-levels": galaxy, starmap, solar system view, planet surface and planet detail level (+ special level for things like space station interiors)

Development history

The original multiplayer game was never released, though some techdemos and media were made available. The game engine, as well as the server, were functional, but most of the actual gaming features were missing.

Lone Explorer Edition

LEE is a single-player version of the original FreeBASIC multiplayer game. It was designed to quickly showcase the universe and core gameplay while the server and network code was not stable enough for user testing. The first and last version of LEE, alpha1, was released for Windows and Linux on 2010-02-08. The source code for it was later released under GPL version 2 and although deprecated, is still available from GitHub.

Stalled development and reboot

Infiniverse was on hold for quite a while, but on 5th February 2012 it was announced at the game's blog that a reboot is coming: The developer planned to implement an HTML5/JavaScript version of Infiniverse as an entry to the 7DRL Contest 2012. A screenshot of a proof-of-concept prototype was given in the said news post. It was also revealed that this new web browser version would serve as the basis of Infiniverse's renewed developement.


The 7DRL challenge went well, and a new version of Infiniverse appeared [1], this time playable on the web browser and containing actual gameplay stuff as well as a goal. This version is now the base for the future of a grander Infiniverse.

Differences of LEE and 7DRL versions

  • LEE is real-time, 7DRL version is turn-based
  • LEE has various nice effects: view level transitions, water animation
  • There's an orbital view level between solar system and planet aerial view in LEE
  • Although a hidden feature, LEE's engine supports building structures
  • 7DRL has NPCs, combat, shops, working interface, material collecting, energy economy, goal, ending, etc.etc.