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Developer vincent
Theme Survival
Influences KROZ
Released 14th March 2015
Updated 14th March 2015
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Java
Platforms Windows Linux OSX
Interface Graphical, Keyboard
Game Length < 15 minutes
Official site of KORZ-RL

KORZ-RL is a coffeebreak roguelike


KORZ-RL is heavily inspired by Apogee Software Production/Scott Miller's KROZ fast-paced arcade ASCII games of the late '80s and early '90s. Because this game was created for the 7DRL 2015 competition, a turn-based Roguelike-ish mode was added. The player can switch from the action-mode to the Roguelike-ish mode and vice-versa by the press of a button. Two simple spells can be cast, but only in the Roguelike-ish mode.

You are in a single-screen dungeon with dumb enemies that follow you on every move and die when they hit a breakable wall. You can kill enemies and/or break walls by using your whip. Gems are your live energy. On each dungeon there are whips laying around as well. The enemies also take each gem and whip that they encounter. Your goal is to reach the door that will lead to the next level.

The game is written in Java 7, so it should run on all major platforms but only when a modern JRE (Java runtime) has been installed. A graphical desktop environment is required, since the game uses emulated ASCII graphics (thanks to Trystan's excellent Asciipanel Swing-component library). The default keybinding requires the numpad keys, but an option was added to redefine the keys for players which have keyboards that do not have those keys.

You can download both the original 7DRL and a small post-7DRL maintenance updated version at:


This game was made for the 7DRL_Challenge_2015.




Gameplay video



v1.01: post-7DRL maintenance release (22th of March 2015)

Among other things, this version adds a Wait button for roguelike mode, keeps high score, fixes a bug in the main menu and improved redefining keys.

See the CHANGELOG.TXT file included in the ZIP file for all info.