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Alpha Project
Developer Quendus
Theme Claustrophobia
Influences Crawl, Angband, DoomRL, TreasuRL
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Licensing Open source
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Interface ASCII, keyboard
Game Length 20 seconds to 5 minutes
Official site of KleinRL

KleinRL is a 14DRL (having failed to be a 7DRL) by Quendus. It was released on the 24th of October 2010 (Pacific time). KleinRL is set on the surface of a Klein bottle, and has maze-like geography instead of rooms. Several of the actors in the game can pick up pieces of the wall and put them down again. The objectives are:

  • not getting killed by the 2 relentless pursuers who start with better equipment than the player (in a map that's small even for a roguelike)
  • tracking down and defeating an extreme coward

Inventories are even smaller than in Angband (10 slots+equips), most items are quite powerful, and enemies will use any nice equipment that they find (no free destruction of objects, so you can't reliably keep items from them). Features implemented:

  • Correct display of the player's locale
  • Map generation
  • Movement, timing
  • Moving pieces of wall around
  • Non-stupid AI for movement of important actors
  • Combat system (will need balancing)
  • System of daemons to manage temporary effects
  • Magic items/effects
  • Line of sight
  • AI for equipment management
  • Map memory
  • Something resembling balance

Features not yet implemented:

  • multiple ring slots (never mind)
  • lack of lag

download link