Rogue Sector

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Rogue Sector is an entry in the 7DRL Challenge 2015.

Rogue Sector
Developer Adam Perry
Theme Science Fiction
Influences Wing Commander, Wings of War
Released 2015 Mar 14
Updated 2015 Mar 14
Licensing GPL
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Browser
Interface Mouse
Game Length About 15 minutes
Official site of Rogue Sector

Rogue Sector is a coffeebreak roguelike

Rogue Sector

It should have been a standard patrol mission. You had wrapped up your sweep and were returning to the Leviathan when a hijacked wormhole led you to this rogue sector. The good news: the onboard nav has calculated a route back to the Leviathan. The bad news: it’s going to be a long trip through six sectors filled to the brim with asteroids and bandits.


Rogue Sector is a game of dogfights in space. To win, you must locate and arrive at the wormhole in each of six sectors, outwitting a squadron of enemy fighters along the way — because you will surely not be able to outgun them all. Use the asteroids as tactical cover, and try not to crash into anything. You may yet make it back alive.

Choose from three ships: the Dart has excellent maneuverability but weak weapons and armor, the Cobra is a slow-moving tank with rear fire capability, and the Blade is a medium fighter that can execute tight maneuvers in a pinch. Each ship has a set of "standard moves" (green hexes) and a set of "tension moves" (yellow hexes). Tension moves are limited: you can't perform a tension move two turns in a row.


While it's certainly possible to win with any of the ships (and they are surprisingly balanced given how differently they play), beginners may find that they have the easiest time with the Dart due to the ship's abundant movement options. Early on, the Dart can beeline to the wormhole. Late-game Dart play involves heavy evasive maneuvering as you attempt to cause your enemies to blow each other up.

Success with the Blade revolves around smart use of tension moves. Its standard move set closely resembles the Cobra's, but the tension moves are very close to the Dart's moveset. The increased defenses allow the Blade some leeway where the Dart wouldn't survive, but you can still easily get yourself into a bad spot.

By stark contrast, the Cobra encourages play that would be suicidal for the Dart. Its enormous shield capacity makes ramming into enemy fighters not only survivable, but actually a good idea in some instances. Collision damage is equal to the enemy's health, so avoid ramming enemy Blades and Cobras if you haven't softened them up. Despite the Cobra's bulk, evasive maneuvering is still key to surviving sectors 5 and 6.

For all ships, it's a good idea to go to minimum zoom at the start of the game and leave it there. The last thing you want is to take a full salvo from a Cobra that was slightly offscreen.