Rot Magus

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Rot Magus
Developer Kosina Zoltan
Theme Fantasy
Influences Magus
Status Pre-Alpha
Released 2015 Jan 5
Updated 2019 Nov 11 (v0.6.0)
Licensing Free
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Windows, Linux, OSX
Interface OpenGL, Mouse
Game Length 5 min.
Official site of Rot Magus


Rot Magus

Rot Magus is a classic 8-bit roguelike turn-based role-playing game about an unknown hero who plunged into the realm of the Dark One to face him and his endless army in the hope of fortune and fame. It features dozens of different monsters, items, spells, and an infinite map filled with winding mountains, deep forests, barren deserts, and tranquilizing lakes.

This game is an extended, browser-based remake of Ronny Wester's Magus, built with Rot.js and Phaser.

Traverse the mysterious lands, acquire powerful weapons and magical artifacts, destroy the endless armies of evil in close combat, or from afar, and gain enough experience to level up and become the strongest and most famous hero of all time.




  • Click on terrain: move once
  • Keep pushing the button: move continuously
  • Click on the adventurer: rest
  • Click on a monster next to the adventurer: melee attack
  • Click on a monster in the distance: ranged attack
  • Click on a slot on the equipment section: equip or unequip an item
  • Click on a slot of the top inventory section: pick up or put down an item in your inventory
  • Click on a slot of the bottom ground section: pick up or put down an item on the ground

Current features

  • infinite simplex noise-based procedurally generated map with mountains, caves, forests, plains, deserts, wastelands, swamps and lakes
  • 1 adventurer, collecting items, gaining levels, regenerating, slowing down and accelerating based on different internal and external effects, traversing specific terrains that others cannot
  • 17 different monsters, melee and ranged attackers, spellcasters, approaching or attacking from a distance, remembering the last seen spot of the adventurer
  • 90 different items including armors, shields, helmets, gloves, cloaks, amulets, rings, melee-, ranged- and throwable weapons, magic spells, magic potions, and other magic items
  • simple movement and attack animations, special effects
  • inventory management with tooltips
  • weapon-based melee and ranged damage system, dual-wielding, chance to hit, critical hit, armor-based defense system, attribute modifying magic items
  • diverse magic system, single and multiple targets, positive and negative effects, behavior manipulation, transportation, vision, and summoning
  • map seed browser
  • high scores
  • fullscreen mode
  • adjustable game speed

In development

  • structures: river, inn, temple, town, castle, dungeon
  • maze layer with roads connecting each structure
  • 9 different adventurers
  • 32 different monsters
  • Shooting star and Enchant
  • multiple characters controlled by the player
  • character creation
  • trophy room with monsters, items, and personal stats
  • sound effects
  • music

Version history

v0.6.0 (Nov 11 2019) - Magical landscapes


  • Add all magic items except Shooting star and Enchant
  • Add all magic spells
  • Add complete rest
  • Add critical hit
  • Add ranged damage differentiation
  • Add monsters: magician, monk, warrior
  • Add summonable monsters: demon, djinn, fenix, golem, lightning, shadowbeast, undine
  • Add biomes: desert, swamp, wasteland, plains
  • Add structure: portal room
  • Improve ranged attack
  • Improve biomes: mountain, forest

Map browser

  • Add Map browser

Hall of fame

  • Add Hall of fame


  • Add Settings
  • Add fullscreen
  • Add game speed


  • Add Restart game

v0.5.0 (Oct 31 2019) - To infinity and beyond

  • infinite simplex noise-based procedurally generated map with forests, mountains, caves, and lakes
  • improved inventory management with tooltips
  • weapon-based damage system, chance to hit, and armor-based defense system
  • dual-wielding modifiers in melee combat
  • depleting and infinity-enchanted arrows, throwing and telekinetic weapons in ranged combat
  • added orchs and orch archers as new enemy types around lakes
  • looting

v0.4.0 (Jun 16 2019) - A new phase

  • 243*243 tile sized simplex noise-based procedurally generated map with forests, mountains, caves, and lakes
  • simple movement and attack animations, special effects
  • improved inventory

v0.3.0 (Jan 5 2015) - Monsters and weapons

This is the first real pre-release of the game, featuring:

  • basic game mechanics
  • some weaker monsters
  • starting equipment
  • a couple of items on the ground
  • essential melee and ranged weapons
  • regeneration, damage, death, XP, leveling
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