Sick peter

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sick peter
Beta Project
Developer Darren Grey
Theme Stealth, Story
Influences Molydeux
Released 1st Apr 2011
Updated 1st Apr 2011
Licensing GPL, Open source
P. Language Lua, T-Engine
Platforms Windows, Linux, OSX
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length < 10 mins
Official site of sick peter

Sick peter is a coffeebreak roguelike


sick peter is a stealth roguelike in which you play a terminally ill four-year old Jewish boy who is looking for his mother in Nazi-occupied Holland.

The game was made for the What Would Moldeux 2012 game jam, where the goal was to make a game within 48 hours based on one of the tweets of PeterMolydeux. I made mine in 5 hours whilst at the London event, and presented it there alongside a load of cool other games. Ooh, and Peter Molyneux (the real one) was there!

The download link:

(back up link: )

There's also a video of me presenting the game at the London Molyjam event here (around the 8:44:00 mark):

Screenshot: sickpeter.png