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SpectRL: Arakhon's Ascension
Developer Kosina Zoltan
Theme Fantasy
Influences Hexen: Beyond Heretic
Status Pre-Alpha
Released 2019 Dec 20
Updated 2019 Dec 20 (v0.2.0)
Licensing Free
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Windows, Linux, OSX
Interface OpenGL, Mouse
Game Length 5 min.
Official site of SpectRL: Arakhon's Ascension


SpectRL: Arakhon's Ascension

SpectRL: Arakhon's Ascension is a browser-based retro fantasy roguelike turn-based RPG about a dragonspawn who wants to ascend to the highest plane of existence. The game is set in the multidimensional world of Spect, featuring procedurally-generated 6-dimensional dungeons.

As Arakhon, the despised ciblityian dragonspawn, your goal is to reach Aligibaia, the highest plane of Spect. In addition to width, height, and depth, the world of Spect also has the dimensions of the color spectrum, the substantial structure, and the substantial surface. Therefore everything and everyone has a number of different versions in this world. Every version of them has a different structure, surface, and color, but deep inside, they are still the same. So keep in mind, animate or inanimate, some of them will help you, some of them will hurt you, based on which plane they are on.

Made with Rot.js for the Text Only Jam on [itch.io] in 1 week.

Play: https://kosinaz.itch.io/spectrl

Download: https://github.com/kosinaz/spectrl/releases


  • Move/attack/trade with mouse/arrow/num/wasd keys.
  • Move upstairs/downstairs with mouse/enter key.
  • Mute/unmute the music with mouse/m key.