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Heavy Axe
Developer Heroic_Fisticuffs!
Theme Heavy Metal, Tactical
Influences Hoplite, 868-HACK
Released 15th March 2015
Updated 15th March 2015
Licensing Artist License 2.0
P. Language JavaScript, CoffeeScript, ROTjs
Platforms HTML5 Browser
Interface Graphical, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 10 minutes
Official site of Heavy Axe

HeavyAxe is a coffeebreak roguelike


Heavy Axe is a small-scale classic roguelike featuring extremely tactical combat.

The gods have failed your people. Journey through their temple to slay the gods themselves, using a massively heavy axe.

Moving with the Axe drains stamina, and stamina determines damage, so moves must be planned carefully to avoid running into an unkillable foe. Health is extremely limited!

Use every taunt, scroll, rune, and trick in the book to destroy your enemies. In later levels, enemies with more than six health (your max stamina/damage) will require supreme tactical decisions.

Made in seven days for the 7DRL_Challenge_2015, using CoffeeScript and the amazing ROT.js library. It is playable in any modern (HTML5-compatible) browser: http://heroicfisticuffs.com/heavyaxe


Definitely at least one post-7DRL release. A mobile version someday.