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Stable game
Developer Phr00t
Theme Science Fiction, Alien Planets, Futuristic
Influences nethack
Released 2005 (?)
Updated Jun 11, 2005 (v3.6)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface Tiles
Game Length Open ended
Official site of 3059

3059 is a fully functional futuristic game.


3059 takes place in year 3059, on the bound-to-be-colonized planet Esperanza; the player's character was placed on the planet with groups of other settlers.

The game is played on the whole planet's surface and offers a large freedom of movement to the player. Contrary to most roguelikes, it is also played in real-time.


The sequel to 3059 (called 3069) has been released, and is available for download here.

3079 & 3089 have also been released.

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