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Stable game
Developer Phr00t
Theme Science Fiction, Alien Planets, Futuristic
Influences 3059, 3069, Fallout, Minecraft
Released Oct 25, 2011 (v1.6.6b)
Updated Feb 13, 2015 (v2.21)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language Java
Platforms Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Interface 3D
Game Length Unlimited
Official site of 3079

3079 is an open-world futuristic action RPG inspired by previous roguelikes 3059 and 3069.


3079 is a modern 3D game built on a roguelike foundation. It includes procedurally generated 3D terrain (similar to Minecraft), items, characters and quests. Unlike previous installments 3059 and 3069, 3079 has a more complete storyline and a definitive end. 3079 runs on the Java platform using jMonkeyEngine.

A video introduction of 3079 can be found here.

This game was under rapid development:

v1.7 added less blocky terrain by dynamically generating slopes.
v2.0 was the first release with fully functional multiplayer gaming support with Twitter integration.
v2.5.3b added in construction.
v2.7.9b Music, dedicated servers, limb-specific damage & bullet trails was added.
v2.8.13b fixed many multiplayer bugs, added new textures and better AI.
v2.9.1b added Humoid and Neander bases.
v2.10.3b adds a "work in progress" set of flying vehicles, performance improvements & server features.
v2.11.10b brings buildable turrets, elevators, mini-ship improvements and lots of fixes.
v2.12.12b added 3D weapons, a radar tool, new fonts & faces.
v2.13.3b fixed many lingering bugs, giving 3079 a much more stable and reliable foundation.
v2.14.10b added ship hijacking, an extended single-player campaign, night vision goggles and many gameplay tweaks.
v2.15.1 was the first "stable" release, fixing some annoying crashes and other oddities.
v2.16 brings maps, destructive satchel bombs, volume settings and a few more fixes to 3079.
v2.17.3 has a new quest, new textures, a new building block & some fixes.
v2.18.2 brings energy shields, map waypoints & some crash fixes.

Read the Version History for the latest information on updates.

3079 has been released on Desura and GamersGate, and made it to the top of the charts.


The year is 3079. Many new planets are being discovered full of life. A recently discovered planet is stricken by constant war. You have been sent to this planet to find out why (and hopefully restore peace).


The sequel, 3089, is now available & is a much more modern take on the concepts used 3079.

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