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Stable game
Developer Phr00t
Theme Science Fiction, Alien Planets, Futuristic
Influences 3059
Released Jul 6, 2009 (v1.3c)
Updated Oct 6, 2009 (v3D.4)
Licensing Freeware, Open Source
P. Language Visual Basic .NET
Platforms Windows
Interface 3D
Game Length Open ended
Official site of 3069

3069 is a fully functional 3D futuristic open-source game.


3069 takes on many of the features 3059 had, including random world generation. All of the jobs, zones, items and aliens are procedurally generated as you explore the world. Many improvements have been made to 3069, as it is a completely new game built from scratch.


The year is 3069. Earth has since been destroyed by a catastrophic geothermal experiment. Fortunately, you and many others were safely relocated onto planet Esperanza before the blast. Small remains of Earth scatter the galaxy, some falling onto Esperanza's surface creating a valuable commodity. Scientists theorize that a tiny crystal within the Earth's Core also landed on Esperanza. This crystal can be used as a seed to generate a new planet to sustain life like Earth once did. However, evil forces do not want to see another Earth generated and hope to keep Earth's inhabitants stuck on Esperanza forever. Good luck in finding and returning the Earth's Crystal.

v2.0 Redesign

Many graphical improvements have been made in v2.0. The storyline and gameplay also saw improvements over the original.

v3D.0 Redesign

Another large redesign happened to 3069 for v3D.0. The Ogre3D engine was utilized to bring 3D gameplay to a previously tile-based roguelike game. Although 3069 no longer looks like many other roguelikes, it still is founded on roguelike principles.


3079 & 3089 are now available.

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